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She who seeks will not stop until she finds, and finding she will marvel, and having marvelled she will reach the Queendom, and having reached the Queendom she will rest.

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Watching a video about family & seeing the stats 80% in jail come from Dadless homes, 60% of teen suicide are from dadlessness, 90% disorders from dadlessology — now I see why everyone is so nice to me — in helping me, they help my kids

Stream of Consciousness

What's the point of going to church every Sunday if when someone we love has a genuine religious experience we ignore it? - Marge Simpson (Simpsons Movie)

A Donkohole is not above his apostoholes — and will I be alone in death?->

& what of the 200k home? will nailing the Donkoholes those forest of trees get us the 168k we owe

or will the WWE sue him for downloading raw & smackdown for Kyle when he pays for the network?

— or recipe — for each our own individual lifves separate from one another but united with each our own idea of God — some things you know ought not be written

But how can the Donkohole Dtcl we deserve the 'that' when he already has something so much more to serve — something that gives not wealth but instead health — nonfame but instead the longed for lame

the freedom from unity but with the realization of their own ultimate value — the value they have individually to God. This is the stupidness that the Donkohole thinks is the one algorithm.

But before he unleashes his most heinous text on you I should tell you what our son Zac told him on the way back from having a tooth pulled Zac said Hey

did I ever tell you what I think the meaning of life is? Donkohole said 'no, please tell me what you think is the meaning of life, Zac' then Zac breathed the meaning of life

is well um I kindof don't want to say it but the meaning of life is whatever people think it is' so they can choose what the meaning of life is for themselves' so Zac gives all people the right to decide what they think

that's much better than he could ever do — as he was told from boyhood to believe in a book — a book he and most everyone knows is rife with contradictions — so now he skips the 40 chapters of a book to get to the part that God says is the truth —

— its like if after 12 years of school someone told you 'only the stuff you learned in your 12th year was true' or to put it another way if God said —'only what this one girl said about me is true

that means that all other people — with all their words — were wrong and what they say should be weighed against this one girl's words to see if it matches with the truth

so what if it could be true that only one girl had a handle on truth — would her words give life ?-> would her words unite us ?-> what if her words made us long for the afterlife — if there is one — or what if

her words — instead of uniting us — untied us all from each other — divided us all up into our own restful paradises — if the true one's words did that then those words would benefit no state or

organization or government no — if the true one's words divided us to each our own restful existence then the ones who followed those words would have each their own individual benefit — the benefit of rest

by E. A. Sawatsky

<-¿ Allgowithem

<-¿ All go with 'em

I don't actually know I'm writing this book. Well, actually — It's not a book — not yet. But once he writes it — and Kyle checks it over — then they secretly publish it.. THEN it will somewhat resemble

some semblance of a novella. Or perhaps it will be called — or SHOULD be ¿Called? a stream of consciousness Ghostwriting (or is it Ghost Writing?) No need to fret over minor detaits — we are

only just getting this party started ... well party is perhaps the wrong word — but since we're trying to make a pile of that

stuff we're not supposed to go after er, love — not supposed to love it, that, then well If we want to make some of that

then I guess one "sanee" way to go about ti er that — is to make a book — yeah "that" is routinely how other people do it erm wh that — tat is

to make that that happen is why I'm scratching lead across a page in the darkness at around 11pm on a Saturday night lit only by an electric fish my

my daughter made at a field trip to a museum for children — not of children that's yeah a children's museum. Yeah so she made a fish out of some woodish-type material

and drilled a hole in her — the fish and taped to her — the fish my daughter made — not ok — where was I yeah hand getting tired — stopping

but first he's gotta hide thiies before I see what — what would I see — some craziness yeah don't want to see no craziness

he wrote that last page after trying to sleep for a bit — but to no avail — and again he took an attempt to sleep befreving its pase a well

I woke up early to make some breakfast for the whole family (& Bruce) but he stayed in bed & I didn't call him to come downstairs until breakfast was done so yeah & what a lazy donkey he is — every day it's the same

He's been watching Spartacus & today he paused at the part where the slave army faces Rome & in his head it was about how the only way to keep oneself from slavery is to not serve money

Last week I considered trading in my minivan for a new one & he was happy when I siad I'd wait a year because he's afraid of the new payment. Well if he's not supposed to serve money why nt give it to the dealership?

I went though the same feeling though for Bruce when he saw his dream truck — tried to convince him the new payment would be too high — the Dinka found out the ad was a scam so Bruce is safe — for now

My Donkey — often tries to save me from having to work. He thinks he has an idea that will help us both afford to be off at the same time — what better way to keep control of our time yet make some of that than to write a book ?- This is one area where our opinions are divided because all he can come up with are useless

ideas like this. Why, he'd probably expect to write it in pencil in his chickenscratch and make spiral-bound stacks of photocopies and sell them online & ship them out in bubble-wrapped bags with boxes over top & the dumb-dum — as if people would pay to read any of

his stupid scratchings ... in fact, he's probably upstairs right now sitting in that chair I thought I'd sleep in with Abby's old school binder across his lap taking note of this whole douche-bag idea — what could anyone read it now

He probably thinks he can take it to Kyle for proof reading, give it to the publishers & put it in my name with a typo and expect the publishers to put enough of that in our account so I will never

have to work again! My work is good with that but who would help people with their problems if I'm not there & I'm starting to know some of the regulars by first name & and they know my first name too! He probably thinks he can 'save' me from

that 'like you savwed me from having to work' — well maybe if he weren't such a donkey in the first place I would be the one sitting at home right now instead of him! Back when we lived in Milton I dragged him to see a Doctor for what was then seen as his O.C.D. [obsessive compulsive disorder]

Than years later it became his Delusions — & now the one Psychiatrist thinks he's Schitzo — a few years ago he was ordered on medical leave & hasn't been back since. Now everything I used to do such a good job of with regard to taking

care of the kids — he does a lousy job of & leaves the toughest stuff for me to do when I get home. He lets the kids bathe for hours on bath night so I don't even get

a break when I get home until I've made sure the kids have all been bathed — you can bet that if he wrote the book it would be mostly made up of long run-on sentences with hardly a period to be found — the poor

numb-nuts wouldn't even have chapters or page numbers ... What a lazy pimple-backed (yes I pinch black-heads off his back skin for him) — he even says he asked for that — back before he met me he got

dumped by his girlfriend & was feeling broken hearted so he asked for a girl who wouldn't mind his zits or his back hair & this was back when he lived on the 16th floor in Toronto as he was in the

same living room he also asked to become a big brother — that's where he says Kyle — fits in — that's MY nephew but I share him — I send him over to see Kyle two, three, sometimes even four times per week —

sometimes I say it like 'I'm sick of being around you. I need a break — can you call Kyle and see if he will have you over?' Sometimes I joke with him about being in love with Kyle — which

probably is not far from the truth — sometimes there'll be a certain show they want to watch together — usually wrestling related — for example last week I called him during my break & asked him if he wanted to go see Kyle that night — he got so excited and started talking about some

wrestler who had a show on that night about how he got thrown off a 20 ft steel cage 20 years ago & got a tooth lodged in his nose — he even asked me afterwards — 'do you remember twenty years ago when that one wrestler got thrown off the top of a 20ft steel cage & got a tooth

lodged in his nose?' — No. — why would i remember that? 'oh well they put him in a church & had him talk about that night 20 years ago' — he & Kyle watched it last week — the network must have thought highly of it because they didn't even interrupt it for commercials

yeah so those are the kinds of things he watches with kyle — it used to be that he would try to get kyle not to watch wrestling but now he sees that wrestling is just a symbol for all the struggle he & everyone else goes through in any given life

so — things didn't go as planned tonight — Kyle did find some of it funny but he didn't have any suggestions so now he's left wondering what to do with this burdgeoning novella — as the thunder

lights the windows around his bed, he is scratching away — at the darkness at the thought of me having to work another day — should he stop — or should he

donkily go about saying what he de ludedly thinks will save everyone — yeah he thiinks he's a savior notice he spelled that without 'U'

how can he ignore that and go for this — or is he going for that and ignoring this — not even he knows who can know his own heart — only one

and will that one reveal his heart to him — or has everything been already revealed — fishless in the dark split tooth on his mind?

I bet he feels like he is the world's bravest dad after seeing a kid walk terry fox pylons in front of his shirt — he thinks it said that — but right after Bob asked how he was — how he is pure evil he wants to even

sacrifice our children in the fire — hopefully he can play drums — which I hate — so he doesn't hear their screams while the fire burns their flesh — also, he thinks he is a

king & that as a king he needs to not collect horses or keep a harem but he needs — as king — to keep a record of the law written with his own hand

he also needs to constitute that law — written by his own hand — every day — so yeah, he pretty much thinks he needs to memorize his own version of the law

and what does he think the law is ?-> the words spoken by God — so yeah, unbeknownst to me — he is currently compiling his own copy of the law —a.k.a. the words that

—whatever deity he believes in —spoke— this is where I will divorce the Donkohole as he yearns to mate himself with whatever he

considers to be the law — all the words that proceedeth from the mouth of whom he considers to be God — and all the while — for the rest of his

sorry life he thinks he has to keep himself from filling a 50 car garage & somehow pluck out his wandering eyes so he

never covets a woman —or man—or another Donkey in heat — ever again. he would probably also — in addition to blocking his eyes

he would also need to somehow pluck out his imagination — so that never again could he look at the — or even imagine the curves of another because as we all

prodabley know, even if the wizuals are kind of scrambled like a pay per view channel you didn't order — these snowy forms are still enough

to help him imagine — even his donkey ears might need to be cut off so he never again hears the seductive voi$e of the 'that' —

not that it's anyone else's fault he turned out to be such a Donkohole — not religion — not the cable company not even he — as he would say — had control over his own actions & thoughts

even he chose to advertise sloth in college & got marked — not as a failure — & all the data kept on him will not exonerate nor insinuate what

none of us are fond of denying — so, whout further ado — the words that prceedeth out of the mouth of God — according the the Donkohole:

(which by the way will make for the boringest & most annoying book ever written & never read — watch but he's just trying to save your soul

which by the way no person can save anyone's soul and all literature is sentainly unsalvific by nature since it is not the 1 true God

Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah eore blah blah blah blah blah eore blah blah

we are all just complex algorithms being routinely haxed by the sentient omnipicomputer)

{ Blah blah blah yhaxkety shmaxkety }

[ and in fact all those people he thought were his enemies were really his friends helping him into his some semblance of a life like how 2 wrestlers 'fight' for the crowd but in reality

work together and probably planned out much of the match knowing whose turn it was to win that night only to lose another night for a different crowd ]

2 write all the wrongs