Selected Nightdreams

Written after waking

December 2022 to Present



we took Abby to a school that was jungle themed

where personalized dinosaur rugs laid under tables

Kids were eating salad out of bowls that were shaped like 5heir own head

o5her food came in pringles-shaped containers


Ami and i parked in a snowy hilly spot

we got our boots on

slid down the snowy road

5 or 10 times

(lies to me played while i typed)

maze of hallways

found a great sword


jessee was riding a bike and jessa and i were floating?

jessee took out the map to the bike shop

He unfolded the large newspaper

i saw he was about to drive over a rock so i warned him

too late but jesse was ok

we were driving near a subway

was thinking: could all 4 of us fit on one bike

Robin was asking me to send a package

it had styrofoam and a bag around it and was taped up with duct tape

her kids and others were playing near her office



a lego ship got bombarded and mistakenly took out the dock


series of elevators bringing us across possibly a desert


unc was going into the abandoned subway tunnels to rescue

had a giant snow machine

neighbours were like "welcome to the homestead race"

he told cuz that we are loved the way we are

something about a pile of leaves

sharks swam over a waterfall

was wondering why we were waiting

got to the front of the boat with a hook in my knee

ellie was under water

(were you born to resist or be a bused is someone gwtting the best the best the best the best of you; was playing while i typed)



Ami was playing Yoshi.

She tried several times to collect some stars.

Finally she got a powerup!

Then she could collect all the stars multiple times!



went on a trip to the states with a couple

bed was unstable

saw kev& a form of julia

also john and i toured a uni

had a napoleon dynamite room

emblems were yellow&blue


Showed Jack a tablet playing agario.

Flipped a switch and it was the mtv edition.

Lock screen had 3 little pigs on it.


Unc was prepping for a mountain climb saying "i've seen you jump 8 or 9 ft reliably"

I was not interested after that



bunch of bounty hunters were wreaking havok, sleeping with & eatibg with another groupc

since i woke, "closed my eyes and she slipped away" played.

(possible meaning: elantra hybrid is going for much more than msrp)


Kyle had 4 linked imac style g5 tow3rs.

Was trying to click on "about this computer" but there we4e too many pop ups obscuring his view.


"I want to break free" been playing ever since i woke

Was in a record store.

Wanted to practice bass?

Got 3 cds.


Didn't prep for exam.

Flying around looking for a free computer

Loudspeaker says who killed quinton tarantino

Thtough half built homes

Through an area where 3 ladies were purchasing computers

One other repeated (do you know who killed quinten tarantino) and told me: "ot was in the men's gym; the nails..." (clopped?)

Flew into a dark room where red carcayires of femons sat in rows.


Went to the washroom

Farted the lodest & crunchiest i'd heard on a whale

When i got back to bed i could hear "walkin' in tha spiderwebs" by gwen stefani playing in my head.

Wow my dream continued that is rare!

Walked back to the exam room and 3 oeople were looking at my computer screen.

I sipped water from a glass.

They too had glasses, but mine was more full

One of them made fun of me

I knew what i was going to write


the name of our plane was the southwood

We were going to carve the name on a slice of log

We were in a giant plane making facility?

The plane might have been partially made when we got there

We were following some kind of directions to find the high class hangar

Crowds of people

"Mommy's all right; daddy's all right; they just seem a little wierd"-surrender by cheap trick played while we were there and after while i was typing

(Yesterday Jack asked to watch cheap trick's rock&roll hall of fame induction speech)

(Yesteday zac showed me a game he bought where you build space rockets)

(Also yesterday Chase mentioned he really enjoyed that shop class before mentioning that his dad's brother's second place computer cost $5k)


Liz&i had a young baby&were in a small house



In a pub that was high in the air we were playing a game writing names on our faces.

One guy's name was Baldur.

Another guy was making the asian names seem racist.


woke in what i somehow knew to be dalam's former bed

saw kyle walking the street with some asian girl


wall of upside down moth emblems (similar to bray wyatt's logo)


beza was signed on the glass

wwindee if thwy had solar panel vibyl on the windows

back in the highrise or condo

drove a fast car past rolled barbef wire

"lifestyles of the rich & famous" played when i awoke

then 18i5


jessa and his baby were renting a room from Al and al told jessa they were short on electrocity

i was flying wirh my hands to keep quiet for baby

jessa's sibling opened the door with long hair

guess the bottles weren't clean


trying out for a drum part in a space band

started out playing some spherical marimba or xlophone

as some kind of percussove freddy mercury

fyling across the stadium(s)

launching off of other people like a sling

the charge was to do it to the beat bbut i wss way off.

some of the insruments i'd never seen before

people were trying to hold me back but i rose to the chalenge

bridge (slowed) of carry on my wayward son played while i typed "i can hear them say..."


Liz and i were a some cottage i woke up and let Ellie and Mollie out.

there was a pheasant 20 ft away in the woods.

The sliding door was shit with some slip ties loosely

opened the door again to let ellie amd molloe in

laid down and whem i woke up there was a pheasamt on my stomach or blamkets

i yelled to let Liz know and there was another pheasamt flapping under my side

i thought the dogs mist have caught them

the dogs had been in the backyard at the cottage beside us at firat when i let them out

think both Liz and i were retired : ]

then had another dream which i forgot

then Liz called me&told me she was tired sunce the night before she woke at 1:02, 3:02, and 5:02.

while typing "i remember the day you left for santa monica" played


was working (for wwe? With a young steph mcmahon?) one of the prints showed the wwe ring. Couldn't do much. Eventually my desk was cleared.

...dream continued and seal was working there too managing contacts"kissed by a rose" played as i typed.

also there was some artwork referring to being built on thr rock "hey hey hey it's just an ordinary day and it's all your state of mindn at the end of the day, you just have to say it's all right" played after typing

a young Ty saying (crying) what did we get for christmas dad i forget?

told him we got homes for them to play house in


"tiny dancer" plaued as i wole up fr chanong is 1yo diaper amd playing peekabpp

Waiting for an old cars doors? To be replaced. Had tp build a pit for it first.

it was the one b4 the cobalt (sunfire)



21 teams built these elevator races to the top floor.

exspansion of a recurring dream, lots going on.

hiding & racing,


a cat (nikky?) Was disassembling all our lego figures in the same place.

liz&i were close.

liz wanted to try hot sauce on chicken wings.

kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk(fell asleep pressing that

also i thibk mak ledrerer had kids there

there were areas built on sand foindayion which were collapsing. Marks kods were off fixing it.


drummer for a band.


each time climb ta tha top, grab jet pack? Jump down in time.

through the pinball machine.

in time.

Teaching me to record, drunk?


a male cat had some kittens.

marcus and the cousins were making a table oily.

cats on carpeted basement.

what are we gonna feed the little cats?

think uncle pete was around.


rene and i were singing the praises of mox's book with another author. Some kinda office setting.


Schoolbus had styrofoam engine. Liz asked Abby if i could live with her. Found a sock by the garage.

Liz and i were at an open window "i hear eating" said Liz. There were a few flies and a spider in the leaves.




was taking a trans sport class followed by a flyover in my seat. Underneath a girl thinking my socks smelled nice; then at a store there were wooden puzzles. Found a double jordan space jam shoe that opened and unlocked at one end. Thought about giving it to kyle but wasn't sure 'cause it mentioned god.


zac was in preschool. i picked him up. he was in this maze with some swinging vines and water rooms. one of the workers said he'd built or designed the room.