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Now it up!


Hopeful self-help might be the answer?
Friday November 11th, 2022

My Wife Liz was off this week so we watched a few movies: iRobot, and Ghostbusters: Afterlife.

After finding Derek's site, I noticed a few book reviews that look interesting. Maybe I can teach myself how to be a writer!

Our house is in transition as the bathroom is being replaced. Big thanks to Mom&Dad for helping fund that! Today we noticed a slow leak from the hot water heater.

Just signed up for Mastodon!

Here's how I choose to feel:

Might be the new new hope!

Past Updates

Now I am Nothing
Wednesday November 9th, 2022

Not sure but lately I've been questioning much of what was written. Went to the library several times but never found anything to fully read.

Words on this site I used to listen to once a week have fallen out of season. Would they serve anyone? Hard to know...

Now that I've been off for 7 years with the kids, it seems like they barely need me anymore. Now, is a change needed?

To start back out in the work force my Wife asked me to apply as a crossing guard yesterday. Not looking forward to waking up early. Unsure if my injured wrists and shoulder can handle a stop sign.

Here's how I feel:

We shall see how it goes!