Micra Swap
Got the Kia Seltos
Adopted Pixie the cat

Abby became a Keyholder

Abby went to Jack's Prom

Abby got her G2

Abby Started Dating Jack

Adopted Frankie the Cat
Got the Nissan Micra
Got the Dodge Journey


Adopted Nikkie the Tortie Cat
Got the Chevy Cobalt
Ollie & Ellie gave birth to Mollie the Chihuahua

Moved to Woodstock

Adopted Ellie the Chihuahua
Adopted Ollie the Chihuahua

Moved to Ayr

Got another Dodge Caravan

Ami was born

Moved to Kitchener


Moved to Brampton

Twins Zach & Ty born

Abby was born

Got the Dodge Caravan

Moved to Milton

Got the Mazda 3

Moved to Mississauga

Liz & i got married

Got the Subaru

Moved to Toronto


Adopted Topaz the Basenji
Got the Toyota Tercel

Moved to St. Thomas

Moved to Vineland

Learned standard on the Volvo
Learned to drive a Suzuki Swift

Moved to Grimsby

Adopted Rosie the hound
Adopted Angel the German-shepherd Doberman cross


Moved to Wainfleet

Adopted Maxine the German Short-haired Pointer
Adopted Sparkles the dog

Brother Rob was born

Moved to Iroquois Falls

Brother Marcus was born

Moved to Brampton

i was born in Mississauga