The QkUeendom of YesU

Confusion&Division since Year 0

YesU's Words on Rest

Chapter Three

(16) “My child, in all the prophets I was waiting for you, that you might come, and I might rest in you. For you are my rest; and you are my firstborn child who rules forever.”

(17) “Today I have begotten you. You my child, I bear witness of my joy that this day you have descended from me.”

(18) “This is my beloved Child in whom I am well pleased. This Child of mine is loved by Me very much, and I am loving and delighting in her. Oh how the glory of this child pleases me. Actually, this is my beloved child in whom my spirit delights.”

Chapter Seven

(7) Ask from God, and it will be given you. Keep seeking, and you will find. Keep knocking, and it will be opened to you.

(8) For everyone that keeps asking will receive; and she that keeps seeking will find; and to her that calls, it will be opened.

(8.1) She who seeks will not stop until she finds, and finding she will marvel, and having marvelled she will reach the Queendom, and having reached the Queendom she will rest.

Chapter Eleven

(28) Come to me, all you who are weary and enduring labor, and I will help you bear your work.

(29) Take my work as your work, and learn from me. And you will find rest for your souls. Know that I am sad in heart, and driven to break up the soil as cattle does for planting of seed.

(30) For my work is gentle and soft, and my load is easy to bear.”